Corporate Hire & Fundraisers

Below you’ll find all the items on offer to make your fun day or fundraiser day as successful as it can be.

Whether you are fundraising, arranging an end-of-term treat, after-school club, group booking or corporate gathering, we do them all!

Every package can be tailored to suit your organisation as YOU choose what you want. We are on hand and happy to advise about the availability and suitability of our units before you make a reservation.

To request a booking, take a look through the bouncy castles, inflatables and attractions below, select the ones you are interested in on the booking form below, fill in your event details (time date & approx attendees ) and send it trough.

We’ll get straight back to you to fine-tune your choice and make any suggestions we feel appropriate, once that’s done we will visit your site to make sure we have what we need ……and that’s it. Couldn’t be easier!!!!

With many years of experience in the entertainment field, our customers include Hampshire Police, The Royal Navy, numerous Schools around the county, Everyone Active In West Sussex & Hampshire, and Chichester Community Development Trust to name but a few, we think we can help make your event a taking point.

Please feel free to contact us for testimonials

Our Bouncy Castles, Inflatables & Attractions available for your day.

Dragons Lair

Bouncy castle in the style of a dragons lair

Suitability: A huge inflatable activity centre suitable for children and adults.

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The Dragon’s Lair is a “monster” of an inflatable activity centre. Great for garden parties, fundraising for children’s youth clubs and Scouting Groups, end of season football presentations or larger toddler birthday parties. As this is a particularly popular choice at the of the football season, a deposit is required in advance to secure your date.

(please note access to the final positioning of this inflatable by van is essential due to the size and weight).

Gladiator Duelling Platform

Gladiator Dueling Platform

Suitability: An inflatable area to test your jousting skills. Suitable for children and adults.

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The Gladiator duelling platform is great for older children, fundraising events, teen and family parties. At 18 foot square, you’ll need a large flat area to site it, although access isn’t usually a problem.

Sea World

Suitability: A combination bouncy castle slide suitable for adults and children. Great for fundraisers, school fetes and end of school treats.

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The Sea World combination inflatable is for larger gardens, fundraisers and events. With a large netted enclosure (great for keeping an eye on your children) it includes an integral slide as well.

Visually stunning with its sea creatures atop

Princess Castle

Princess castle bouncy castle
Suitability: A great medium sized combination bouncy castle and slide with a medieval theme and its own dragon! Suitable for Adults and children.

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Another of our larger units incorporating a large bouncy platform as well as a slide down the dragon’s tongue, particularly popular with children Frozen parties and Princess themed parties and children aged 4 – 10.

Jester’s Party Ball Pit

Jesters Ball PIt

Suitability: A traditional Bouncy castle filled will ball’s for our younger children and smaller gardens.

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This inflatable is great for the smaller child and comes with around 2000 coloured plastic balls as well as a bubble machine complete with remote control!

A completely enclosed inflatable that is brightly coloured and has a netted top cover, your children can play safely for hours. Due to its size, it’s also perfect for gardens.

Pirate Pete

Bouncy Castle In A Pirate Theme

Suitability: Pirate themed bouncy caslte and activity inflatable for small children.

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Pirate Pete’s activity inflatable castle for our younger clients. Tots and toddlers alike will love the bright colours and inflatable ‘Bish Bash’ in the middle. Designed to be used mostly indoors ( halls and clubs alike) these brand new units are certain to be popular so book early! Perfect for any Pirate themed party.

Jungle Jim

Bouncy Castle in a Jungle Theme

Suitability: Jungle themed bouncy castle and activity inflatable for small children.

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Jungle Jim’s activity inflatable castle. Tots and toddlers alike will love the bright colours and inflatable ‘Bish Bash’ in the middle. Designed to be used mostly indoors ( halls and clubs alike) this brand new unit is certain to be popular so book early! Perfect for any jungle themed party.

NERF Juggler

NERF Juggler

Suitability: Test your shooting skills with the NERF juggler

Baseball Challenge

Baseball challenge

Are you skilled enough to score maximum points with out baseball challenge?!

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Amodern flip on an old favourite , Throw the baseballs and hit the target , great competition for two at a time or as a team sport in a round robin

NERF inflatable battle enclosure

NERF inflatable shooting range

An inflatable battle enclosure, perfect for mini NERF wars

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Great for one on one’s or as a shooting range

Inflatable NERF Arena

NERF War inflatable arena

Inflatable battlefield arena for a medium-size NERF war

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Can accommodate up to 15 mini warriors at a time

NERF Pole and netted arena

NERF War pole and net arena

Go big or go home, hold a large NERF war with outdoor NERF arena

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Can be extended for up to 40 at a time 🙂

New for 2024 for our corporate clients we are thrilled to offer three Gel Blaster high-octane games.

Option 1 Is our 20ft long inflatable gel blaster enclosure. Great for school end-of-term treats, club end-of-year presentation days, and company gatherings. It’s great for 1 on 1 competition

Our Instructor will advise on how to use it, when to start and when to stop.
Each session lasts around 1-2 minutes so its high turnover stuff and great fun.

Option 2 is our colossal 40ft long 10 ft wide inflatable shooting range, great for multiplayer options

Option 3 is our walk-through “Watch and shoot” gel blaster experience where you shoot the baddies and avoid the hostages ….Our favourite!

Each option comes with an Instructor and approx 120000 Orbeez’s so that’s s enough to keep you going for hours !!!

Due to the nature of and size of the equipment these games are designed to be held outside but we can arrange indoor events as well (call to discuss your requirements)

Our gel blasters rapidly fire gel balls of approx 7mm at a rate of between 8-10 rounds a second! Filled with water they explode on impact (they’re also bio-degradable so they don’t harm the environment )

Prices start at £325 for Option one and raise to £650 for Option 3 depending on locations and duration, be sure to call to discuss a custom fit for your event .

Option 1 –  Inflatable Gel-Blaster Enclosure

NERF Gel Blaster Shooting Range

Test your marksmanship with our NERF Gel Blaster Shooting Range. 

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Option 2 –  Inflatable Shooting Range

NERF Gel Blaster Shooting Range

Test your marksmanship with our NERF Gel Blaster Shooting Range.

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Option 3 –  Watch & Shoot

Test your marksmanship with our NERF Gel Blaster Shooting Range.

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All our NERF and gel blaster options are manned by us (unless specifically requested otherwise )

In case you’re wondering what a NERF party looks like, then here’s a taster form our recent Half-Term-Inator NERF War.