Bouncy Castle Hire

Children love bouncy castles, and with our range of bouncy castles and inflatables, some of the kids are as old as 50 plus!

Bouncy Castle hire for all ages, from children to adult

A bouncy castle hire is perfect for so many events and at PopUpEvents Company we have an extensive range of bouncy castles and inflatables available for hire, suitable for indoor and outdoor use by both children and adults, from the huge inflatable Dragons Lair and our Princess Castle, to the smaller inflatables of Jungle Jim and Pirate Pete.

Based in Portsmouth we cover the Hampshire area and provide bouncy castle hire for children and adult birthday parties, Fundraising events, Scout groups, Football teams looking for a group activity. Our bouncy castles are also perfect for summer fetes to raise money for your community.

We have a range of bouncy castles to hire suitable for both large and small venues.

All of our bouncy castles and inflatables are PIPA certified for safety and quality and our public liability insurance ensures that you can enjoy yourself with peace of mind. PopUpEvents Company is RPII accredited too, so you know you are in safe hands.

Our bouncy castle hire has a no cancellation fee policy so that if your circumstances change just call us the day before and there is no charge.

We want you to enjoy your bouncy castle hire in complete confidence that you are using a professional leisure company that cares about your celebration.

Our Bouncy Castles and Inflatables To Hire

Dragons Lair

Bouncy castle in the style of a dragons lair

Suitability: A huge inflatable activity centre suitable for children and adults.

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The Dragon’s Lair is a “monster” of an inflatable activity centre. Great for garden parties, fundraising for children’s youth clubs and Scouting Groups, end of season football presentations or larger toddler birthday parties. As this is a particularly popular choice at the of the football season, a deposit is required in advance to secure your date.

(please note access to the final positioning of this inflatable by van is essential due to the size and weight).


Gladiator Duelling Platform

Gladiator Dueling Platform

Suitability: An inflatable area to test your jousting skills. Suitable for children and adults.

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The Gladiator duelling platform is great for older children, fundraising events, teen and family parties. At 18 foot square, you’ll need a large flat area to site it, although access isn’t usually a problem.


Sea World

Suitability: A combination bouncy castle slide suitable for adults and children. Great for fundraisers, school fetes and end of school treats.

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The Sea World combination inflatable is for larger gardens, fundraisers and events. With a large netted enclosure (great for keeping an eye on your children) it includes an integral slide as well.

Visually stunning with its sea creatures atop


Princess Castle

Princess castle bouncy castle
Suitability: A great medium sized combination bouncy castle and slide with a medieval theme and its own dragon! Suitable for Adults and children.

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Another of our larger units incorporating a large bouncy platform as well as a slide down the dragon’s tongue, particularly popular with children Frozen parties and Princess themed parties and children aged 4 – 10.


Jungle Jim

Jungle Jim Bouncy Castle

Suitability: A bouncy castle and activity centre in a jungle theme, ideal for younger children’s birthday parties

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Suitable for indoor and outdoor use where the venue allows


Pirate Pete

Pirate Pete Bouncy Castle

Suitability: A bouncy castle and activity centre in a pirate them, ideal for younger children’s birthday parties

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Suitable for indoor and outdoor use where the venue allows


Looking for a smaller bouncy castle?

Take a look at our Pic ‘n’ Mix children’s party packages

Fundraiser Pack

Ideal for schools and fundraising events

Looking for a fundraiser package, you can hire all of the below for £200 for up to 4 hours.

Our NERF Juggler, Baseball Challenge and a Bouncy Castle.

Fill in a booking request and we’ll get straight back to you!

NERF Air Juggler

Test your skills and knock the balls from the top of the air juggler towers.

Bouncy Castle

Fundraiser Package for schools

Choose from one of our bouncy castles depending on the size of your event! We’re sure to have one to suit.

Baseball Challenge

Baseball challenge

Test your accuracy and throw baseballs at the target to score as many points as you can.

Complete our booking request or call 07858 532348 if you have any questions.

Bouncy Castle & Inflatable hire FAQ’s

What if it rains?

Our bouncy castles have built-in shower covers (except the slide), so a shower or two is no problem. If the weather is going to be too bad (heavy rain/high winds) on the day of your party we do not charge for cancellations. We always phone you the day before your booking to confirm times and check that the weather is OK.

What time will you arrive?

We deliver from 8:00am and will arrange a delivery time with you the day before your booking. If you have specific times to operate to (i.e. you have a hall hired for a set period) we will arrange our bookings around you. We can’t always confirm times when you book as we will need to arrange our deliveries geographically.

How long can I keep the bouncy castle?

We like to have all of our deliveries completed early in the morning so that you get a full days hire. Our collections are between 6pm and 8pm if you want a later collection you will need to have an overnight booking. We don’t collect after dark as its hard to pack away when we can’t see all the equipment! When you make your booking we will talk about collection times and check the time of your party to make sure your collection fits around your arrangements.

Can I book at the last minute?

You can leave it until the day of your event to book but don’t be surprised if we have no availability. In the summer months we recommend booking in advance and for bank holiday weekends you should book well in advance as castles are in heavy demand.

How long do you need to set-up and take down a bouncy castle?

It takes between 15 and 20 minutes to set up a bouncy castle and about 15 to 20 minutes to take it down.

Can I collect a bouncy castle from you?

Sorry, no for insurance and safety reasons we must deliver and install the equipment ourselves.

What should I do before you arrive?

Our bouncy castles are delivered on a sack barrow so we need clear access for this (at least 3ft).  Make sure paths and access to your garden are free of obstacles.  We carry 50m extension cables so the castle must be within 50m of a power supply – it is unsafe to join cables. You should also check that the area is free of debris, and clear up after any animals that you have had in your garden.

What sort of surface do you need for the bouncy castle?

Bouncy castles, slides and our other inflatables situated outdoors need to be on a reasonably flat grassy area (slight slopes are ok) so that they can be staked down.  They can’t go on steep slopes or under low trees. The area needs to be completely free of any sharp stones, objects, dog mess or excessive mud.  We may refuse to set up a castle if the ground is not in a suitable condition and would take too long to clear – we have other deliveries to get to.

Can I have the castle on my driveway/patio?

NO – the health and safety requirements for putting a castle on hard standing is that there are 160kilos of weight on EACH anchor point – this would mean we needed to carry half a tonne of sandbags! The castle must be on an area where we can stake it down, grass, edge of a flowerbed etc. Putting a castle on hard standing without the required sandbags would void our insurance.

How much room do you need to erect a bouncy castle?

There should be 4ft at the front and back of the bouncy castle and a minimum of 2ft each side. You should prune overhanging trees or shrubs before we arrive.

Can your bouncy castles be used indoors?

Yes, we set up bouncy castle indoors in venues such as community centres, village halls, schools, nurseries and churches.  We provide sand bags in these situations to secure the units.

Can we move the bouncy castle?

No, for insurance and safety reasons once the bouncy castle has been delivered and installed and our staff have left, it must not be moved under any circumstances.

What about insurance?

We have public liability insurance (including licenced premises) which would cover accidents which were our fault, such as equipment failure or failing to install a unit properly.  The hirer is responsible for ensuring that there is adult supervision of the unit and equipment, and the supervision of people using it, at all times.

Do I need to keep the blower running?

Yes, the blower must be running constantly whilst the bouncy castle, slide or inflatable is in use.  If there is a sudden change in weather and there is strong winds or heavy rain just switch off the blower and let the unit deflate.

How much does it cost in electricity to run a bouncy castle?

It costs approximately £1 to run a bouncy castle or slide all day.

Do you supply safety mats?

Yes, we supply the necessary safety mats with every bouncy castle which comply to current Health and Safety Regulations.

Is there an age limit for children using the bouncy castle, slide or other inflatable?

Yes, all of our bouncy castles are suitable for children up to and including the age of 17   Our Adult castles are suitable for children of all ages.

Do you hire bouncy castles for events such as school fetes, nursery open days and other fund raisers?

Yes and we offer discounts to customers at such events in return for a distribution opportunity for our marketing materials.

Can you supply staff to supervise the bouncy castles?

With prior arrangement we can offer staff to operate in blocks of 4 hour shifts.

Do you give a discount if I hire a more than one bouncy castle?

Yes, contact us to arrange a discount for multiple bouncy castle hires.